Sponsor A Scholarship Programme


Orion Academy is pleased to invite applications from individuals or companies who would like to establish a scholarship for a secondary school student here in Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean.

This has been a successful programme for providing a secondary school education to children who might not have had the opportunity to attend Orion Academy and benefit from its small class size, personalised attention and integrated approach to learning.

While we work toward obtaining funds and grants from many sources to maintain our school's quality education, we are grateful to local and regional businesses who have supported education through our Scholarship Programme.

Since 2008 this Scholarship Programme has provided two students with a Secondary School Education.  We hope to expand this programme with your help!


Here's how it works:

The Sponsor

  • Provides annual tuition for one particular student.

  • Meets this student and develops a relationship with him/her.

  • Receives periodic updates about the student, including a mid-term progress report and a term report card for each of our three terms.

  • Is invited to attend our Graduation Ceremony held at the end of June.

The Student

  • Receives a quality education which addresses the student's particular needs

  • Experiences a holistic approach to education encompassing the academic, social,  environmental and physical aspects of learning.

  • they would not have flourished in the public school system with its large class sizes and lack of individual attention.

  • Gains an increased sense of  responsibility as schoolwork becomes accountable to others outside the immediate family.

  • Develops a relationship with the sponsor and/or the sponsor's business enterprise which may lead to an internship or post-graduation employment.



We can match you with a student to keep one child's dream of an Orion education alive.

Or you may nominate a student as the recipient of your scholarship.

Please contact us to get started.

Thank you!

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