Our People

Staff & Faculty


  • Principal  - Ms. Queen Thomas

  • Vice Principal - Mrs. Elizabeth Madisetti

  • Administrative Assistant - Ms. Shina Pascal


  • Form One:    Ms. Shirley Charles

  • Form Two:    Ms. Hihson Bougouneau

  • Form Three: Mr. Norris Francois

  • Form Four:   Ms. Rosilia Registe

  • Form Five:    Ms. Miriam Jno. Baptiste


                       Teacher                                        Subject(s) and Forms

  • Ms.Louise Alfred                     Biology (4,5)

  • Ms. Hihson Bougouneau       Geography (1-5), History (4),Social Studies (3),                   Business Studies (3)

  • Ms. Rashida Dupuis                Integrated Science (1-3), Social Studies (1-2), English Language (1), English Literature (2-3)

  • Mr. Joel Challenger                 Literature (4-5)

  • Ms. Shirley Charles                  Spanish (1-5),English Literature (1), History (1-3), Health and Family Life (1-3)

  • Mr. Norris Francois                 Mathematics (1-3), Information technology (1-3), Physics (4)

  • Mr. Conrad James                    Technical Drawing (4-5)

  • Ms. Miriam Jno. Baptiste       French (1,2,4,5), English (2,4)

  • Ms. Elizabeth Madisetti           Chemistry (4-5), Mathematics (3,4,5), Physics (5)

  • Ms. Rosilia Registe                   Principles of Business (4.5), Principles of Accounts (4-5), Physical Education(1-5), Social Studies (4)

  • Ms. Abigail Woodman             ICT (4-5), Debate (1-3)

  • Ms. Queen Thomas                  English Language (5), Chinese (1-3), Social Studies(5)

  • Ms. Marissa Norris                  Arts(1-3)

  • Mrs. Annette Loerner              German(1-3)



Parent support is an integral part of the success of Orion Academy.

It has been proven that nothing is more effective at helping a child successfully face the challenges of today's world than the support and concern of a loving parent. Orion fosters strong partnerships between the parents and teachers that help to bridge the gap between home and school.

Parents are encouraged not only to provide a secure environment for their children but also to contribute to their education. Working together helps us to draw on our capabilities for the benefit of our children and for nation building.


Students, Past & Present

Hear what our students have to say about Orion Academy.
Mandy Lawrence, Class of 2008
It's been 4 years since I graduated from Orion Academy as one of three in the great class of 2008: a long 4 years in which I've accomplished many things beyond Orion.
I graduated from Northfield Mount Hermon School, a prep school in New England and am now a part of the Princeton class of 2014.For many people in high school, it seems like their entire reality. It can be hard not to see it as the be all and end all of their education. What it is important for high school students to see is that high school is merely the vehicle shuttling us to the next stage of our educations and lives.Orion was my foundation for the education I'm receiving now. It was my primary learning experience and this school taught me to seek knowledge and challenge in my everyday life. Mrs. Madisetti's "Magic Circle" from 3rd Form came up in my Calculus course and the Van der Waals interactions that Ms. Prince talked about in Chemistry were incredibly important in my Organic Chemistry course this past year. I'll just wait for my Physics course to see what re-surfaces from my Orion education.In short, Orion Academy was a solid bases for everything I've done and will continue to do since the summer of 2008. Thank you, Orion, for polishing me before sending me out into the world to attain success.

B. Jevon Davis, Class of 2009
I am very proud to be an alumnus of Orion Academy. The teachers are very welcoming from your first step through the Orion door. They seek to and accomplish in creating a comfortable environment where students can be themselves. It is easy to learn at this institution and students can attain an education of high standards whilst remaining true to themselves.The principal of my time, Mrs. Madisetti, is an inspiration to all students. Her skills as a math teacher surpass that of any other teacher I have been taught by. I went from failing, to pushing myself beyond the limits that I thought were unreachable. She truly is a remarkable teacher. The other teachers, also phenomenal individuals, all play a part in ensuring their students become the best.I urge future students who are looking for a school of high standards and an enjoyable learning experience to look no further than Orion. For those of you already members of this prestigious institution, you have my blessings.

Kuwin Wyke, Class of 2012
It is with pleasure I share my Orion experience with you.
I transferred to Orion from Saint Mary's Academy, also known as S.M.A., and quite honestly it was a huge culture shock. I had no idea how different a small class would be in comparison to a big one. I went from being in a class of about 28 students to a class of 7.Being in a small class gave almost everyone the opportunity to be in the front; the furthest back you could be was the second row. I first learned what a difference being close to the front of the class can make while still at S.M.A... I was learning very little in the class until one day I decided to sit in the front.Orion was the first time I had ever seen an organised line in school to get snack. I was used to going to the canteen and seeing a hoard in which you had t fight to get to the front to buy your snack. I had always wished there would be a line to give everyone a fair chance to buy snack!Before coming to Orion, I thought a kind, understanding secondary teacher was an extremely rare thing. It was different when I came to Orion though; the teachers would actually take time to hear the reason why something happened instead of just punishing everyone involved. But it went beyond this though, for I did not even know that teachers and students could be friends of a sort. I had rarely seen students and teachers have conversations, regularly talking about things other than school, but in Orion it was a common thing. During our breaks, students and teachers would converse about almost everything and I think it is because of this good relationship between student and teacher, it was easy to learn.


Orion's 10th Anniversary

A former teacher, Ms. Gwenith Whitford, extends her Gratitude to Dominica’s Orion Academy on its 10th Anniversary (click to read the article).  Ms. Whitford taught English Literature at Orion Academy from 2003 to 2008.

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