Many people contributed to creating this website. Thanks to everyone involved in its development and to all those who will be helping to keep it going in the future.



Orion Academy Alumnus Dylan Madisetti (Class of 2011) was the driving force behind the creation of this website. He designed and developed the website with support from Delphis Ltd. He taught himself HTML, CSS and PHP in order to create a Word Press Theme from the ground up. Another example of the drive and excellence demonstrated by Orion students!



Provided by Orion Academy Administration, Staff and Dylan Madisetti.

A special thanks to Ms. Cherry Pacquette for her input and organisation of the content and to Ms. Hihson Bougouneau for her help with the Water Conservation Project information.


Thanks to all the teachers, students, staff and friends of Orion who contributed photos to this website.

  • Ms. Herina George - Many of the photos appearing on the site, in particular the great photos on the Home page.

  • Ms. Miriam Jno-Baptiste - Dominica Infirmary Visit.

  • Student Ebony Lindsay - Water Conservation Project.

  • Mrs. Gemma Lawrence - Compiled many Orion photos over the years.

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