About Us

About Us

Orion Academy is a small, private, college preparatory school dedicated to producing the next generation of leaders in Dominica and the greater Caribbean region.

As the only private secondary school on the island of Dominica, our curriculum is uniquely designed to achieve our mission of providing a holistic education and character development to prepare students to achieve academic excellence and become leaders in their society.

Orion is an equal opportunity school and does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race or ethnicity, sex, color, religion or economic status.

Orion Academy is non-religious, non-governmental and embraces students from diverse nationalities and ethnicities.

We are governed by a Board of Trustees and funded by tuition and the support of generous community members. Students enroll in Forms 1-5 and are prepared to sit the CXC exams.


Our History

Orion Academy is a comprehensive five-year high school with Forms 1 through 5 (the equivalent of Grades 7 through 11 in the US/Canada). The school opened its doors in the fall of 2003 with an enrollment of 12 and graduated its first senior class in June 2006.

Class sizes are small providing for increased one-on-one interaction between teacher and student.



Courses offered at Orion are linked to the National Curriculum as set by the Caribbean Examination Council (the regional examination body for the Caribbean) which is governed by the University of the West Indies.

Read more about our Academic Program here.



Our school is a happy one where children benefit from the positive, firm, no-nonsense rules that are applied.

We insist on up-right behaviour, good manners and personal integrity.


Entry Qualifications

Students accepted at Orion Academy must have achieved passes at the Grade Six National Assessment or, if coming from outside Dominica, achieved a comparable standard.

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